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Sunday 29 August 2004

Kitchen Visitors

At night we have visitors. Strange alien creatures take over our kitchen whilst the lights are out. The creatures are so alien and unexpected that I've been into the kitchen, made a cup of tea and left without noticing the...


Yey! I have Gmail! Muchos Gratios to Huy at Gator Pilot for his invite. (Yes, Muchos Gratios is probably not a real phrase) For those who may be interested, my Gmail address is theaardvark (at) gmail.com. Huy is also the...

Friday 27 August 2004


Someone visits this site regularly from this blogroll (update: mystery solved so I've removed the link). Except that blogroll doesn't belong to any of the sites that I know blogroll me: Domain Addicts Anonymous The Daily Email Social Misfit Say...

Thursday 26 August 2004

Join the Blogging Blokes Webring

A new addition to the webrings on this site (down the bottom left) is the Blogging Blokes webring. So far this webring has 1 member, its founding member - me. I've thrown together a very basic m=homepage for the webring...

Wednesday 25 August 2004


Not having Sky, I'm guessing that Naked News has now arrived in the UK. Hot on the tail of that news is the breaking story that Naked News apparently has it's own unnofficial UK fan website. Update: Not any more...

Monday 23 August 2004

Animal Roasting Kids Toy

Again with the Livejournal Images page. This picture would appear to show a children's jigsaw toy featuring the King of the Jungle engaging in some 3-way action. Is it just me? Has my mind finally broken? Tell me you see...

Up to my elbows in it

To many house owners there is a sound that instantly instills dread and fear. A sound that drains the money from your wallet and instantly expands to fill your spare time with DIY repairs and decorations.

That sound is running, dripping, splashing water.

Friday 20 August 2004

Livejournal's latest images

Just lately I've become addicted to the Livejournal Images page at ElfQrin.com. It's like watching a car crash, or walking past a house with no net curtains up. You don't want to look but you just can't resist that furtive...

BBC 7 - A reply

A short while age I emailed BBC 7 about the number of repeats on the channel. I did receive a very quick reply which put things into perspective. I did ask for permission to reproduce the reply here but have...

Monday 16 August 2004

New pages on mobile disco site

I've added some new pages to my Mobile Disco Website. The main addition is the page of resources for mobile DJs. Courtesy of Fresh n Juicy (which seems to have gone quiet of late), I came across a couple of...

Friday 13 August 2004

Europe's Stripping Newsreaders

Obviously not concerned by the complete failure of Hong Kong's naked news, Get Lucky TV is to introduce stripping news readers to Europe. According to Reuters "Starting nightly from Aug. 16, Get Lucky TV will broadcast via satellite to European...

Guess the weight of the Comment Spam

In a bizarre twist to the "Guess the number of sweets in the jar" game, see if you can guess how much comment spam this site blocked in just 20 days.

Wednesday 11 August 2004

Dungeons & Dragons - An introduction to Satanism

According to chick.com - Dungeons and Dragons is one of Satan's sneakiest tactics, leading a long parade of unsuspecting souls down the stairway to hell. Wow. Boy am I glad I never used to play D&D! I was just fine...

Tuesday 10 August 2004

Google Adsense

I decided about a month ago that the Shoutbox I was using was a complete waste of space. Very rarely used and 9 out of every 10 messages was spam that I deleted immediately. I simply don't have a circle...

Thursday 5 August 2004

BBC 7 - Seventh Dimension

Content of an email sent today to BBC 7 (Yes. I know I'm being picky. But Sharon spent 200 on a DAB radio primarily so that I could listen to BBC 7. It's just a litle annoying is all) :-...

European City Guide

I have recently come across a scam that appears to have been going for years and caught out thousands of people across the UK. European City Guide (http://www.eurocityguide.com/ - I refuse to link them) send out to businesses what appears...

Wednesday 4 August 2004

Chinese unveil new F1 Track

Exciting news as the Chinese release the first ever pictures of their new Formula 1 track under construction. Courtesy of Westvillage...

The Fool's World Map

Over at zen-style.com they're compiling a Fool's World Map - a map of the world as it's envisioned by idiots. And it's interactive. Leave suggestions for edits in the comments and they may well incorporate them into the map....

Tuesday 3 August 2004

Testing Meme Propagation In Blogspace: Add Your Blog!

This posting is a community experiment that tests how a meme, represented by this blog posting, spreads across blogspace, physical space and time. It will help to show how ideas travel across blogs in space and time and how blogs...

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