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Sunday 31 October 2004

Quick Catch Up

OK. So, thanks to convincing HM C&E to settle out of court regarding a client, I've not been quite so busy as I was or was expecting to be. Unfortunately, due to a very poorly 2 year old and a...

Wednesday 27 October 2004

Er. Hi.... Bye!!!

Sorry. Can't stop. Majorly busy. Up to my eyeballs in it to be honest and not likely to get time to write anything for days. Shame really. Got loads of links to post and some interesting shit to write about....

Friday 22 October 2004

30 Second Guide to this Blog

I probably have your attention for just 28 - 30 seconds. 26 seconds for you to decide whether or not you want to read any more of this blog. (23) So here's a guide to my ramblings (in no order):...

Mormon for Morons

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for the illiterate. Via Life or Something Like It...

Kelly Brook's Pole

Ananova stopped me dead in my tracks this morning with the headline Kelly signs up for pole-dancing lessons. I have a minor obsession with Kelly Brook. It's purely a physical thing(although I'd be quite willing to get to know her...

Mobile Naked News

Not content with embarking on a quest to takeover the UK airwaves, Naked News is to offer video clips that can be downloaded to your mobile phone. Just imagine! Tiny, low quality pictures of semi-naked women discussing current affairs available...

Thursday 21 October 2004

Britney Spears - Queen of the Chavs

Trailer trash princess, Britney Spears, and her prince of the shell suit, Kevin Federline, are rumoured to be moving to the UK. And why not? With the addition of a little bit of Argos Bling they'd blend right in with...

Monday 18 October 2004

Trouble and Strife

Pretty soon our local hospital is going to put a zipper on Sharon's abdomen. First there's the 3 cesarean sections that she's had, then of course she had to have her gall bladder removed last year. Last week she was...

Friday 15 October 2004

This is not politics

OK, yes it is. Its ironic that immediately after a post eschewing the plethora of political blogs I feel compelled to make a political post myself. Feel free to shoot me down in flames. However, Id fully understand if you...

Thursday 14 October 2004

Exploded Blog

This BlogExplosion really does seem to work. It's brought 25 new people to this site today. Admittedly this is because I've surfed 50 blogs through the Blog Explosion site over the last 24 hours (it's been a slow day). Many...

I really don't care what you think

It appears I have about the same interest in American Politics as I do in football. One of the primary reasons I can't stand football (soccer) is the preponderance of armchair managers, the multitudes of people who think they know...

Wednesday 13 October 2004

118web possible scam

Work has received a spam email from a company calling itself 118web. I'm not sure but this has all the hallmarks of a premium rate phone number scam. The email offers to list you on the 188web web directory for...


Thanks to a visit to new Blogging Blokes member The Retarded Blog I found a new Blog marketing tool today, BlogExplosion. It appears to work by giving you credit for each blog you read via their website. Those credits are...

Monday 11 October 2004

Retarded Bloke

The Retarded Blog is the newest member of the Blogging Blokes webring. It's still slow going building up the webring as I'm not willing to spam people I don't know or blogs I don't read at least occasionally. It also...

Sunday 10 October 2004

Random Phone Cam Pictures

I decided to clear a load of pictures off my phone this week and uploaded them to the PC. Just for the hell of it, I put some of them in an online gallery. Here's a random selection....

Wednesday 6 October 2004

A stress tightrope

Historically I've always worked best under stress. Up to the age of 25 - 26 stress was my main motivator.Work would lie undone until the 11th hour, at which time the impending deadline would kick me squarely in the ass...

Sunday 3 October 2004

They're talking about me in Danish

I've had a number of hits today from a posting in the forum at housemusik.dk. Unfortunately I don't speak Danish so I've no idea what the post says. Anyone able to translate?...

Colchester Aardvarks

Click for Biggie It's only taken a month, but we've finally found the USB lead for our camera and been able to download the pictures we took at Colchester Zoo last month. I'll set up a gallery for some more...

Barry Diston's live PA

My very good friend Barry Diston, owner and creative force behind Fidget Records and Fidget Studios and international DJ had his first live performance last weekend. It was at CyberKitten in Milton Keynes where he is a resident DJ so...

Saturday 2 October 2004

The British F1 Grand Prix is dead

This week saw the sad news that there is to be no British GP in 2005. This is a huge disappointment for teams, drivers and fans alike but is not overly surprising. There are many, many reasons why the British...

Friday 1 October 2004

My Neighbours are not Hoors!

But this guy's are. My Neighbours Are Hoors! is my new favourite blog title....

30 Second Guide to this Blog

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