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Friday 31 December 2004

Crash and Burn

OK, so I said that the entires may be few and far between because of the amount I was working. I didn't realise that they would only become scarce once I'd actually finished working. In fact, everything has become scarce...

Monday 20 December 2004

Parental Advisory

PARENTAL ADVISORY THEAARDVARK CONTAINSEXPLICIT LYRICSUsername: From Go-Quiz.com How cool is that? If I could have picked a warning for myself it'd probably have been that one. Either that or "Danger - High Voltage"....

New Comics

I've added 2 new comics to the list on the left, both of which I found via The Best Webcomics of 2004. Both are "adventure serials" as appose to funnies but are done tongue in cheek. Acid Keg is a...

Sunday 19 December 2004

How do you go from this: to this: Anvari.org has the answer....

Best Blogging Bloke

LOSLI has awarded me the honour of "Best Blogging Bloke" in Jess' Blog Awards. I'm so proud. I've never won anything like that before. I'd just like to thank............

Thursday 16 December 2004

Mine would be purple

I wonder how different the world would be if farts were visible. How would it look if a cloud of green gas emanated from a world leader during an important meeting? Or a blue cloud from your favourite pop star...


I stepped on another emotional landmine today. Over at Purple Goddess Echota tells the story of The Mighty Quinn.# I defy anyone not to be moved by the story....

Sunday 12 December 2004

Digging to Australia

It's common knowledge (for Brits) that if you went into your back-garden, dug a hole in the ground and kept going and going eventually you would arrive in Australia. For the US apparently it's China. Only you wouldn't. Wendy Carlos...

Saturday 11 December 2004

It's 2.30 in the morning and I'[m bored

But a story where someone accidentally glues his penis to a table will help to relieve the boredom at any time of day. Jesus! Ouch. Via Life or Something Like It...

Friday 10 December 2004

Can I be of assistance

Sharon: James! Stop that! James: But I was supposed to be helping. Sharon: Yes. But not that much! Made me giggle....

Do people really use these beads of love?

Imagine the scene. You're at work, feeling pretty chuffed about things and your Mum rings. She's just been promoted at the shop she works in and has a question about some of the products the shop stocks, Love Beads. How...

Wednesday 8 December 2004

Mouse Boobs Found

I've found a website that sell the Mouse Boobs I mentioned earlier. Busty Mousepads in the US. Now I just need to find a UK supplier and / or one that actually has stock. I'm guessing that there's a manufacturer...

Tuesday 7 December 2004


Literacy for grown-ups. Teaching men their ABCs....


My 13 year old daughter has her first "real" boyfriend. .... Remind me how I'm supposed to react to that one. She spent the evening at his house having dinner with his parents. I suppose it could be so much...

Monday 6 December 2004

Wild Ride

Well that was quite a ride. Steeper than any roller coaster*, it did things to this site that I've never seen before. As the stats are about to roll off the monthly list, I thought I'd preserve them here for...

Sunday 5 December 2004

Vote Barry Diston!

The voting for the Hard Dance Awards 2004 has begun. My good friend Barry Diston and his record label Fidget Records are eligible for nomination in 6 categories. I'd be grateful if you could take a moment to vote for...

Saturday 4 December 2004

Subtle Hint

Do you think someone was hinting? I'm off out shopping soon then....

Thursday 2 December 2004

A busman's holiday season

Here we go. Thursday December 2. First Xmas disco of the season. Over the next 22 days I will be doing 20 Xmas discos. I will probably eat 10 to 15 Xmas dinners. I will here pretty much the same...

Wednesday 1 December 2004


Click for Biggie...

Factors effecting Google Ranking

Any of you who have sites, commercial or otherwise, that you wish to rank well on Google would be well advised to visit the Google Ranking Factors List. This list 85 (as of todays date) factors that effect a web-page's...

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