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Wednesday 30 March 2005


Another video....

Monday 28 March 2005


Mac died this morning....

Sunday 27 March 2005

Macleod - Update

Our puppy isn't getting any better.

Saturday 26 March 2005

Poorly Puppy

Mac, who's only been with us for 6 days, is very poorly. On Thursday he developed diarrhoea and vomiting. We took him to the vets who diagnosed a tummy bug (a bit of gastroenteritis). He gave him an injection and...

Friday 25 March 2005

New Additions

We have 2 new additions to the family. Firstly say hello to MacLeod or "Mac" for short. Mac is a pedigree beagle (ooh. hark at me! such a puppy snob!) and he's 2 months old today. We picked him up...

Still Going

I really hate blogs that seem to consist of regular apologies for not posting because someone's "too busy". Yet here I am, nothing for a week and the best I can say is, "Sorry, too busy". Unfortunately, most of what...

Friday 18 March 2005


I like to get my spelling right. And at school I was always reasonably good at it. However, as I create documents almost exclusively on computers or mobile phones these days I've come to rely on spell checkers. I have...

Thursday 17 March 2005


I thought Wordpress was supposed to be easy to use? I was even toying with the idea of moving this blog across to Wordpress and I was definitely thinking about creating a weblog for my employers using it. I'm setting...

Job Interviews

I've been that busy of late that my list of things I want to Blog about but not had time (especially 'net links) has grown beyond control. I'm probably going to have to cull those that I don't want to...

Wednesday 16 March 2005

An experiment / indulgence

A short video of my boys..... and an experiment in embedding video on a webpage....

Lance Hardarm

Mommy. Do you know who Lance Hardarm is? Nope. Is he in one of your cartoons? Nooo... He went to the Moon!...

Tuesday 15 March 2005

Not dead - Just Busy

Still here. Just......

Thursday 10 March 2005

More comments about Barry Diston's Performance

I'm not the only one who thought Barry Diston rocked on Saturday Night. Once again the crew from CyberKitten were in attendance and were well impressed with his live set. In fact, CyberKitten have asked Barry to join them as...

Wednesday 9 March 2005

All over

We're home again after the operation.....

Before the operation

We're at the hospital waiting for Sharon's operation to start. See the full entry for more...

Contemporaneous Blogging

Blogging from my new SPV M2000 on our way to the hospital. See the full entry for more.

More Surgery

Sharon should be going in for a laparoscopy this afternoon to determine whether she has a cyst on her ovary. She was first told this could be a possibility back in July last year. It took several months to get...

Tuesday 8 March 2005

I've seen Barry Diston play live!

On Saturday night my good friend Barry Diston played a live set at Bring Back the Bounce at The Sanctuary in Birmingham. It was a cracking night. Pictures and more words to come soon....

Orange SPV M2000

So I bought an Orange SPV M2000. It's quite cool. Read more in the full entry.

Sunday 6 March 2005

Bluetealeaf - New Blogging Bloke

The Blogging Blokes Webring has just reached 10 members with the acceptance of Bluetealeaf. Go take a look. Say Hi. Tell him I sent you....

Friday 4 March 2005

It's not fair

I want a re-design of this site.

Thursday 3 March 2005

Site Changes

I've made some minor changes to the site this evening. Firstly I've added details of the category each entry is filed under to the front page, monthly archive pages and individual archive pages. It's down there on the bottom right...

Brian Jones

Wow. Sean seems to nail the problem with single, 30 something men and women with a comparison to Bridget Jones. Genetics are to blame, naturally. There weren’t many thirty-seven year old female ad executives on the African plains, so our...

I don't want you to read this

Well, OK, you can. I'm not stopping you. I don't even really mean that statement. Wouldn't be much point to this post if I did. Occassionally I regret losing the anonimity with which I started this blog. When I first...

Wednesday 2 March 2005

Radio Shropshire Interview

I took part in a radio interview with Jim Hawkins of Radio Shropshire about blogs and blogging. The main interviewee was Andy Moore of mercy loving criminal who did a very good job of describing blogs and their place in...

Speaking up for the blogging blokes

I've been asked to give a radio interview today about blogs withs blogs, who writes them and what they write about. It's for BBC Radio Shropshire at about 10:40. I don't expect that many of my regular visitors live in...

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