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Tuesday 31 May 2005

Learned Behaviour

After about 18 months the 50 mph speed restriction on the M42 between Junction 5 and Junction 7 has finally been lifted, even though the roadworks finished about 6 months ago. On today's journey home a good 75% of the...

Thursday 26 May 2005

His life on a T-Shirt

A very good friend of mine helps me out regularly on the mobile disco, makes custom made solid wood tables and frequently goes fishing. Some friends of his saw a bloke hand painting designs on the front of T-shirts and...

Paul Taylor - Cartoonist?

I've found a new online cartoon to check out. Wapsi Square has joined a small band of indepenent online comics with Greystone Inn, which is already on my list of regular reads. Spookily it's written by a man who shares...

Wednesday 25 May 2005

"Tiffany to leave area" Shocker

It's obviously a slow news week locally. This made not only the front page of our local daily but also page 5. Click for biggie courtesy of Flickr...

Thursday 19 May 2005

View from the Fidget-Cam

We're very privileged today to have an extract from a recent behind-the-scenes look at what goes on in the Fidget Recording Studio. Barry has provided a short video clip of him and Richard road testing a dance tune they've just...

Wednesday 18 May 2005

James the Troubled Artist

This entry is mainly for friends and family and for personal memories. Some more of James' recent drawings. He's becoming quite the artist. Those not interested in fatherly bragging right should probably skip straight past this one....

Pictorial Indications

It's been nearly 2 months since our puppy, Mac, died. It seems to have affected James more than we had at first appreciated. He mentions Mac frequently and, we're told, recently asked a supervisor at his after-school-club if all puppies...

Tuesday 17 May 2005

I Just Lost The Game

John, who's commented on this site under the name "Mellow" has recently created a website dedicated to "The Game". It's very much an early work in progress at the moment but who knows. It could become the hub of all...

Monday 16 May 2005

SKY uncertain about Kelly

SKY seem a little uncertain as to whether Kelly Brook deserves the title given to her by FHM. First they claimed confusion as to how Kelly beat Angelina Jolie but then seemed a little more certain about her accolades in...

Saturday 14 May 2005

Burntwood Civic Pride

I was impressed today with a display of excellent civic and community conscience that I saw today. Local yobs/youths/chav-wannabes, The Burntwood Bad Boys, have adopted a local bus stop. I hope other local youths follow this example. The Max Power...

Thursday 12 May 2005

New Puppy

We;re getting a new puppy. This time, with the agreement of the breeder, we won't pick up the puppy until it is 12 weeks old. By that time she will have had her Parvo immunisations so shouldn't be at risk...

Wednesday 11 May 2005

Fusion (Burntwood) Ltd

The first of the Burntwood based companies I want to highlight is Fusion (Burntwood) Ltd. They're an engineering company that, in addition to general metal-bending stuff, manufacture a couple of specific products including the Extreme Racer. Why this particular company?...
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Kelly Brook - Sexiest Woman in the World!


Monday 9 May 2005

Organic Cordials

I posted some time ago about trying to avoid additives and E numbers in the food and drink we're feeding to our kids. It's not easy. Cordial, especially orange, is one of the worst offenders. We've started buying organic cordials...

The Farm Series II

I'm sat here blogging whilst the first episode for Five TV's The Farm is playing in the background. I have to say they've gathered together the biggest bunch of freaks, no-name Z listers and desperadoes that I have ever seen....

A Few Fotos from Today

This Flickr thing is quite good to be honest....

Burntwood Blog

Burntwood, my home town, has its own blog! Who knew? Unfortunately it doesn't appear to have an RSS feed. It did however give the background to rumours about a bloke found in Hammerwich with his throat cut that have been...

Sunday 8 May 2005

Not Immoral, Illegal or Fattening

Lynn is calling it a day and the net will be a poorer place for it. But I can entirely understand her reasons for it. There's a great many bloggers who started writing sites that none of their friends or...

Friday 6 May 2005

Button's Bad Week

I've had a bad week this week that I won't (and can't) even begin you go into. You've got to feel for Jenson Button though. Just a fortnight ago Jenson made the most of his team giving him a car...

Thursday 5 May 2005

Laptop Table

When we bought a laptop we also bought a wireless internet router. Sharon suggested it would allow me to blog, work and destroy websites from the comfort of our bed. Have you ever tried using a laptop in bed? It's...

Wednesday 4 May 2005

Teenage Mum Sim

It's the ultimate simulator. The game to beat all games. Teenage Mum Sim! - Can you juggle the competing demands of school study and childrearing? Can you keep your friends by talking to them on the phone whilst your kid...

Tuesday 3 May 2005

Photo Booth

When we were shopping on Monday, Connor legged it and hid in a photo booth. He wanted to know what it did so I took a photo of us both. Of course, we had to do the same for Sharon...

Superb Chinese, Burntwood

originally uploadedby theaardvark. We have an excellent Chinese Restaurant just 30 second up the road from our house. Unfortunately we are forever losing the menu or don't have one to hand when we're away from the house. Also, I've...

Monday 2 May 2005

KungFu Blogging Bloke

I don't know what's up with the automatic notification system for Blogging Blokes but I didn't realise kungfu.the-spring.co.uk had applied for nearly a week. Thankfully he waited it out taking us now to 11 signed up members. Welcome aboard KungFu...

Sunday 1 May 2005

How to make a Bodge-Tape Wallet

For my birthday in January Sharon bought me a Bodge Tape (aka Gaffer Tape or Duct Tape) Wallet. This one is not nearly as good but if you're practised at origami with sticky paper then you'd probably be able to...

70s & 80s Boogie Night

Once or Twice a month I DJ at a 70s & 80s night at the Village Hotel & Leisure Club in Coventry. Last night's was superb with over 200 people there. Out of interest and as easy blog filler, after...

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