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Thursday 30 June 2005

Stella Artois - Reassuringly Elephants

I like the odd drop of Stella Artois, quickly followed by the remainder of the can. I've just finished tonight's can and I'm off to bed. I may have nightmares though if I'm about to turn into an ant filled...

Rachel Stevens and your bollocks

Rachel Stevens has a new video. In it she writhes around in skimpy underwear and shows off her cleavage in a bid to get men thinking about their bollocks. And I have to say, she was only inches off the...

Wednesday 29 June 2005

Save the Earth - Drive a car.

OK. So we all know that Global Warming is here (well, not all of us). And we all know that selfish, polluting car drivers are a significant part of the problem. So we should all give up our cars and...

Tuesday 28 June 2005


Tetka is probably the most disturbing / amusing / clever peice of Flash that I've seen for a while....

Weblog Survey

Do you read this site via RSS / News Aggregator?

I'm thinking of changing the RSS / XML feeds for this site, or at the very least rationalising them into one feed. Currently I'm publishing 3 feeds in RSS 0.91 (linked on the left as RSS 9.91 and I've never...

Wednesday 22 June 2005

"Let's get ready to Ramble!"

This will mean more to anyone who listens to Chris Moyles's breakfast show on Radio 1, particularly just after 9am.   "Let's get ready to ramble!" Alternatively, download the file...

Tuesday 21 June 2005

Netscape Cookie Monster Attack

For some reason, every time I try to access the March 2005 entry "More comments about Barry Diston's Performance", Norton Internet Security warns of a "HTTP Netscape Cookie Monster" attack. It then automatically blocks the IP of my website. I...

Monday 20 June 2005

Chase Burntwood Wakes Festival

Update: For the month of July, tickets are available at 50% off! When the Church of St. Anne`s was opened in Chasetown in September 1865 a celebration known as the Wakes was held. This became an annual event held on...

Saturday 18 June 2005

More new blogging blokes

Blogging Blokes numbers 12 and 13 have just joined the webring. First up is Thinking Aloud: The Pulpmovies Weblog, which describes itself as A rather random collection of news, thoughts and opinions from an English expat movie geek. Next is...

Tuesday 14 June 2005

Root Beer

When I was a kid McDonalds sold Root Beer and it quickly became my favourite soft drink. It reminded me of the sarsaparilla drink my Granny used to make me when we visited her. Unfortunately, in the early 1990s, just...

Monday 13 June 2005

Steve N Allen - New Blogging Bloke

The Blogging Blokes Webring has just acquired its 11th member, the very funny comedian and radio DJ Steve N Allen. Steve regularly posts his humorous take on current news items and life in general. You can also check him out...

Sunday 12 June 2005

MMS Humour

After a hard day on the golf course, the last hole seemed very short. Even the trees on the mini golf course seemed a little too "mini". Mr Proper - Proper Pickin's Stop yanking my chain....

Thursday 9 June 2005

Mmmmm. Toasted Sandwiches

Mmmmm. Toasted Sandwiches. Baked bean & cheese, corned beef & onion, tinned chili, tinned haggis. All excellent toasted sandwich fillings but you can never get enough in the sandwich. I want one of these for making my toasted sandwiches now....

Wednesday 8 June 2005

Local Authority uses Speed Cameras to Raise Revenue

This clipping from a local paper shows the attitude of the Govt regarding speed cameras. Despite there being no more locations locally that meet their own criteria for speed camera placement they're still going to go ahead and buy /...

Monday 6 June 2005

Argi's Pizza, Heath Hayes

originally uploaded by theaardvark. Following the success of the post with the Superb Chinese Menu (I've never been stuck without the menu since), I thought I'd try the same with a menu for a pizza restaurant that delivers to...

Parental Pride

Sometimes I just well up with pride at the parenting job we're doing. ;-)...

Page Rank 5/10 and its pitfalls

I'm not sure quite when it happened, but Google has promoted this site to a Page Rank of 5/10. Neat. Sort of. To be honest, the main effect of the inexplicably high ranking on Google is that my bandwidth usage...

The History of Boobs

Something for a miserable Monday - Dribbleglass.com's The History of Boobs....

Sunday 5 June 2005


I've had lots and lots to write about of late. I've had very little time to write about anything and, to be honest, very little impetus or desire write recently. Come round with a beer or two and I'll talk...

Google stole my money

OK. First up - Google hasn't stolen my money. Google hasn't done anything it isn't completely entitled to do. In fact, this probably isn't really Google's fault at all. However, I am about 80 a month worse of because of...

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