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Monday 31 October 2005

Taking life by the balls

7:35 in the morning is a bizarre, funny, poignant short film. I've come across links to it several times but on the first couple of occasions got bored after the first 20 seconds and not watched it all. On the...

Absurd Relativity

Get yours from Hetemeel.com...

Sunday 30 October 2005

Love is... being glad there wasn't any cameras.

Sharon and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary a little early on Friday night. I'm not about to go into any details but I'd like to say.... Sharon, I love you dearly. I love you now more than I loved...

Thursday 27 October 2005

Our Connor in the Newspaper

We were surprised to find this morning that Connor, along with some of his class mates, was on the front of our local weekly paper, The Burntwood Mercury, and its sister paper, The Lichfield Mercury. The text reads: "Well stone...

Chasetown FC through to the FA Cup First Round

Chasetown FC, the biggest of several minor league clubs in Burntwood, reached the first round of the FA Club after a 1-0 win over Blyth Spartans in last night's replay of a 2-2 draw on Saturday. The Club, who play...

Wednesday 26 October 2005

What's your favourite recipe for Crisp Sandwiches?

I have no idea why, but for the last few weeks I've been rediscovering a long lost love of crisp sandwiches. Crisp sandwiches were a snack I used to have regularly as a kid, second only to peanut butter on...

Where are you?

Frappr is a guestbook/shoutbox that combines with a Google Maps and allows photo uploading to create a visual record of a group and its members' locations. I've set up Frappr Map for this weblog so that all 2 of my...

Tuesday 25 October 2005

How much is your Blog worth?

My blog is worth $12,984.42.How much is your blog worth?...

How to win the national lottery every week

James Lilek has a superb idea for turning around the experience of entering the national lottery each week. As normal, purchase a single national lottery ticket. Memorise the numbers. Then eat your lottery ticket. Instantly, "losing" numbers become a winning...

Wednesday 19 October 2005

How Stupid is the Future

If you have a website that allows public interaction through an online form, it strikes me as a particularly stupid idea to advertise that website by spamming other sites that allow public interaction through online forms. For the past few...

Whiff Fecal Deodorizer

I think we can categorise this as "stuff we never knew we needed". Are you worried that your poo is too smelly? Do you wish your farts were less fragrant? If you answered "Yes!" to these questions then you really...

Tuesday 18 October 2005

Google! Come Back! I love you.....

When I was in my late teens I had on-off relationships with a number of my ex-girlfriends. We'd get back in touch. We'd hang out together. It'd all be really friendly and sweet for a couple of weeks, maybe even...

Thursday 13 October 2005

Decal Blogging Bloke

2 new members in one day! My, my! The Blogging Blokes Webring is really taking off. After just 14 Months! The newest is iamdecal. A good-looking blog that has been an occasional read of mine already, I'm sure to visit...

Boiled Blogging Bloke

Another new member has joined the Blogging Blokes Webring. Boiled Fish is a group weblog with entries like We're Just Jealous of Dermot O'Leary Because Women Like Him. I majorly busy at the moment so haven't had chance to check...

Improving Google Adsense Relevancy on Blogs

One of the main problems with Google's Adsense program on weblogs is it propensity to display ads for blogs, blogging tools and weblog services regardless of the content of the site. There is a simple explanation for this. Much of...

Credible Explanations

At some point last night, whilst I was fast asleep, someone crept into my bedroom and, without waking me up, smacked me in the face with a shovel. They're very good at this because they managed it without leaving any...

Another Tornado in King's Heath

For the second time this year a tornado has hit the area immediately around my office, King's Heath and Moseley. And for the second time the tornado has completely failed to hit the office and give me a day off...

Wednesday 12 October 2005


In the space of a week the time at which I drag myself out of bed in the morning has gone from bright (for non-UK readers substitute weak & washy) sunlight to total darkness. Sunset is also starting to occur...

Friday 7 October 2005

Tucker Max

Depending upon your point of view, which for 50% of the population will be biased by their gender, Tucker Max is either the devil incarnate or a living god. His website opens with the statement "My name is Tucker Max,...

Tuesday 4 October 2005

Remixed Movie Trailers

I think I'm about the last person in the world to find these. But just in case I'm not..... 2 examples of how selective editing for movie trailers can make the film look like something it's not. First up, a...

Saturday 1 October 2005

Children's Art

James & Connor have been drawing at school this week......

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