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Friday 24 February 2006

Firefox gets fat and lazy

See. I told you. Firefox just goes nuts. I don't think it handles big web pages or documents very well. I can't find any advice online about how to deal with it either.Here it's using 50% of my processor...

Tuesday 21 February 2006

Subway Sandwiches

Mental note to self (again): Cucumber does not belong in a hot Subway Sandwich. Jalapeno Chillies, Pepper, Pickles and Lettuce - Yes. Even olives if you're that way inclined (I have to be in the mood myself). Cucumber just spoils...

Monday 20 February 2006

F*ck the sh*t

This video is NSFW (the audio at least) but funny as f*ck. However, you seriously shouldn't click on the link if you're at work, have kids in the room or are easily offended. I wouldn't bother clicking if you don't...

Top Gear

Mental note: If I miss any Top Gear or Fifth Gear episodes, www.finalgear.com has them for download....

Steak and BJ Day

The partner to Valentines day, Steak and BJ Day is fairly self explanatory. I've blogged about it before but it's worth reminding people as it's only 22 days away....

Friday 17 February 2006

Getting to know your friends

I don't usually do email forwards, but it's a slow news week. I had this from my sisters by email. Please feel free to put answers in the comments or, if you reproduce it on your site, leave a link....

Thursday 16 February 2006

Problems with Firefox

Anyone else having problems downloading videos using Firefox since upgrading to v. Firefox seems to slow down to the point at which it becomes useless. I don't know what the problem is. I don't know whether it's Firefox itself or...

The UNO Coffee Pod System

For Valentines Day I bought Sharon a coffee pod brewing system. Money's a bit tight at the moment so I have to admit I bought one of the cheaper ones on the market via Amazon.co.uk. I went for Russell Hobbs'...

Wednesday 15 February 2006


Xiclets.net is a very strange, but easy to use web service. It allows you to create a very basic web page in next to no time. Using text entry and some minimal HTML you can publish a pre-formatted webpage. I...

Friday 10 February 2006


Don't you just hate it when you visit a friend you haven't visited for a while only to find that they've completely redecorated and then you realise just how tired and dated your own decoration is looking? I want a...

Thursday 9 February 2006

Diablo Toasted Sandwiches

For Christmas I got the Diablo Toasted Sandwich Maker I asked for. And it is very good. Nice, deep sandwiches that hold plenty of filling. It makes very little mess and is completely dishwasher proof. The instruction booklet that comes...

Wednesday 8 February 2006

Performancing Blogging Tool

I've just downloaded the Performancing extension for Firefox. As the site says, it's "a full featured blog editor that sits right within Firefox".It has "Rich Text" editing (automatic insertion of HMTL code for formatting), the ability to save draft posts...

Monday 6 February 2006

Burntwood.org - New Website

I really should hide my credit card when I drink. I woke up on Saturday morning to find myself the proud new owner of burntwood.org. The reasoning went something along the lines of: 1) Write lots of stuff about Burntwood...

Friday 3 February 2006

Too cute or too creepy?

James has been invited to a birthday party by a girl in his class. He's 6 and she is celebrating her 7th birthday. James wants to buy her a bunch of flowers instead of a present. Is that incredibly cute...

Wednesday 1 February 2006

Install Apple's Quicktime without iTunes

Have you tried installing Apple's Quicktime movie player recently? The download page that you are directed to forces you to download iTunes at the same time. Now, I like iTunes. I use iTunes. I have iTunes installed on 2 out...

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