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Tuesday 28 March 2006

See, I told you...

I am 23% Idiot.I am not annoying at all. In fact most people come to me for advice. Of course they annoy the hell out of me. But what can I do? I am smarter than most people.Take theIdiot Test@...

Saturday 25 March 2006


I'm in Madrid at the moment on my future Brother in Law's stag do. Last night we hade a few beers and sampled some Tapas. Today we went to Real Madrid's ground, Santiago Bernabeu. Tonight we're off for more beers...

Wednesday 22 March 2006

Valentines Present

We're working on a budget this year. So this is the valentines present that I received from Sharon last month. Technorati Tags: lego...

Tuesday 21 March 2006

Half a Million!

At some point in the next 24 to 48 hours the Sitemeter for this weblog will reach and pass 500,000 visits and nearly 670,000 page views. I feel I should celebrate somehow. Any suggestions?...

Election motto

No intoxication without libationTechnorati Tags: motto, intoxication, libation...

Sunday 19 March 2006

Coops' a blogging Bloke

The list of "Blogging Blokes" grows longer. AJ over at Coops Bloghas just joined. He's new to blogging so give him a helping hand with some visits and comments...... Technorati Tags: blogging, webring, blogging blokes, blokes...

Thursday 16 March 2006

Converting Apache ReWrite Rules to Zeus Webserver

I run a Wordpress Weblog for work and I'd like to have Search Engine friendly URLs, like I have on my 4-club.co.uk weblog. Unfortunately work's hosting company runs Zeus webservers not Apache. Zeus uses an entirely different set of rules...

Adsense Annoyance

You may not have noticed (hah!), but I'm a member of the Adsense Programme and display Google's Adsense adverts on this and my other sites. It makes me a teeny bit of money and covers the moderate hosting costs for...

Tuesday 14 March 2006

It's Steak and BJ Day!

Today is March 14th - Steak and BJ Day. So, check out what I was given for dinner! Technorati Tags: steak, steak and BJ, dinner...

Cheap Petrol and Diesel

I've signed up for details on the cheapest places in the UK to purchase petrol or diesel from PetrolPrices.com. As it happens, the 2 garages I use regularly are the cheapest in the areas around work and home. However, I...

Spore from Maxis

OK, so I'm probably the last blogger in the universe to get onto this, but Spore from Maxis looks like it could be one of the best games ever written. You remember Maxis right? Responsible for the original city creation...

Sunday 12 March 2006


It's been a while but I'm afraid the Blogging Blahs have struck. I'm struggling to find anything of interest to post about. There's quite a lot going on my life but I'm not feeling like sharing at the moment. Sorry....

Friday 10 March 2006

How much does it take before you give up on society?

I should do a whole big post about stereotypical social workers and "leftie" librals and stuff as an intro to this link. But I really don't have the energy today. I think the title says enough: A social worker finally...

Thursday 9 March 2006

Money, Day 3

Continuing the monitor of spending.Today's list:£2 - James' school dinner£72 - Vet's fees for test on Lilly to see why she's constantly schratching£10 - Beer and wine£7 - Food...

How to sign off an aggresive letter...

How do you sign off an aggressive, threatening letter? I'm writing a letter to a commercial competitor of my employer on behalf of my boss. He has previously made unfounded defamatory statements about our company on his site which we...

Money Pt.2

Second in this most boring series. Today we spent: 1 on a loaf of bread 15 on Sharon's singing lesson 3.99 on a bottle of wine 1 on a scratchcard...

Wednesday 8 March 2006

Lindsay Lohan's Slip Up

I feel I should do an entry on Lindsay Lohan's "wardrobe malfunction" last week. It's kind of in keeping with the short lived Lindsay Loan obsession I had (which is responsible for the second most visited page and second biggest...

Tuesday 7 March 2006

Money Pt. 1

For various reasons I need to save as much / spend as little money as possible over the next 2 1/2 weeks. I intend to post here at the end of each day how much I've spent and on what....

Friday 3 March 2006

Linda Smith

I'm not heavily into mourning celebrities. Every day sees reports of another minor character passing away and very few actually made any difference at all to my life. It caught me by surprise therefore to find that the death of...

Wednesday 1 March 2006

Genius Recognised

Wow. 2 memes in 3 posts. I really must in a creative wasteland........ or just very short on time. This is genuinely what it said: theaardvark -- [noun]:A master blogger 'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com...

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