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Wednesday 28 June 2006

Lego Space Pirates of the Alliance

If you're going to build a lego spaceship, you need to have a back story. This man is a space pirate, a buccaneer who steals from the evil corporations who are turning the solar system into the galaxy's ghetto. He...

Monday 26 June 2006

"life's full of stuff that's been keeping me from blogging"

I've been a little busy of late as the title of this post suggests (It's a quote from angelheaded hipster by the way). Mostly, I've been working and looking after Sharon and the family after her operation. But a major...

Wednesday 7 June 2006

Online Revenge

Want to be in on the new online craze? Before you do, you're going to need to be ripped off by someone unscrupulous but not particularly intelligent. Using the internet to extract revenge is not particularly new. Anyone remember the...

Thursday 1 June 2006

arseburgers.co.uk/blog/ as a graph

A map of this site from Websites as Graphs, via Tom....

The God of I.T. hates me

I'm not sure what I've done. Maybe I mistreated too many ZX Spectrums as a youngster. Maybe I discarded old digital watches too readily. Whatever my past sins toward silicon, I appear to be reaping serious negative digital karma. 3...

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