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Friday 21 July 2006


Thursday 20 July 2006

xkcd Comic

xkcd is a comic that is sometimes crude, sometimes crudely drawn, sometimes inane and sometimes intelligent but almost always hilarious. I lost today's lunch hour in the archives when I had so much more planned. Anyway, here's a few of...

Wednesday 19 July 2006

Sky.com's boob obsession

The showbiz section of sky.com continues its boob obsession with this picture of Christina Aguilera in a see-through top. Also running at the same time are "articles" on a survey revealing women want boobs like Jordan, the 50 best catwalk...

Tuesday 18 July 2006

Hospital with Connor, again

We ended up at the hospital with Connor again yesterday. He fell and banged his head on the wall cutting the back of his head....

Friday 14 July 2006

Jimmy is this week's achiever

James got a special mention in the "This Week's Achievers" section of his school newsletter. Congratulations James!...

Bathroom Mania

Sharon and I are in the process of re-designing and remodelling our (absolutely tiny) bathroom. If we had the space and/or money I'd be tempted by the WET Bathtub (horrible frame-based site: choose "WET products from the menu) that lights...

Flying Lesson

Last month I finally got to go for the flying lesson Sharon bought for our wedding anniversary back in November. After 4 cancelled lessons due to bad weather, the elements finally relented and allowed me up there. I'm not sure...

Thursday 13 July 2006


Today has been a crossroads for a number of reasons. Unfortunately I'm not able to discuss any off them here. Walls have ears and all that...... Why then am I feeling so low? As one door closes (actually several doors)...

Wednesday 12 July 2006

Problems with a broken PayPal "Make a Donation" button

I don't know if this has affected anyone else, but I thought I'd put it out here just in case. In my recent entry, Sponsor Connor, I added a "Make a Donation" button provided through PayPal. It's the first time...

I want, doesn't get

I want: A Self-Stirring Mug A Pong Clock To find a builder that can re-do our bathroom and cloakroom for a sensible budget Donít Break The Bottle Puzzle A genuine graphic equalizer t-shirt Sharon to get better A "birdie" webcam...

Sunday 9 July 2006

Sponsor Connor

Update: The code provided by PayPal for the donation button was broken. Thank you to the person that pointed this out. I have now fixed it. Connor's nursery class at Holly Grove School is having a sponsored rally to raise...

Sunday 2 July 2006

Sharon's Face Painting

I can't remember whether I've mentioned before that Sharon does face painting (I could do a search but it's late and I can't be arsed). She hasn't yet built up a reputation and we don't advertise it so she doesn't...

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