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Friday 15 September 2006

One door closes.....

Today is my final day at VATease, although it still doesn't feel like it. I'm sat at my desk and it just doesn't feel like I'm not going to be sat here again. I'm sad to be leaving. It's been...

Friday 8 September 2006

Sharon Sings

On 19 August 2006 Sharon sang at the Church at her cousins wedding during the signing of the register. This was recorded on my mobile phone whilst she practised in the morning. The sound quality doesn't really do her...

Thursday 7 September 2006

Connor Drawing September 2006

Connor Drawing September 2006, originally uploaded by theaardvark Connor did a drawing for me whilst I was away today. It's a picture of when we went to the park at the weekend. It shows me, Sharon (on the left...

Missing Socks

I have found the answer to the ultimate question; "Where are my missing socks?" It would appear that they are eaten by the trouser shark.........

Monday 4 September 2006


I found a CD full of old photos over the weekend and I've uploaded a selection of them to Flickr. This was always one of favourite photos of James. An old photo of my family at the first Christmas after...

Stalkee of the Week

I think it's about time to brighten things up around here. Add a few images that make for pleasant viewing. So I'm adding a new category: "Stalkee of the Week". Each week I'll pick a new stalkee and obsess to...

Friday 1 September 2006


See it on black background....

PJ is Gay

This will mean more to my offline mates than regular blog readers. I spotted this in the local park earlier this year. Made me chuckle. But it probably means nothing to you....

Searching for Maria

Yesterday, between 2pm and 6pm BST, I had a sudden marked influx of visitors from Sympatico MSN Canada's image search engine for the phrase "Maria Menounos. Something like over 100 in 4 hours with nothing at all before or after....

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