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Saturday 28 October 2006

Face Painter in the Midlands

As I believe I've mentioned before, Sharon is a professional face painter for childrens' parties. For as little as 45 for 2 hours she will paint as many faces as she can. At the parties she's done so far the...

Tuesday 24 October 2006


Whilst we were at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery last week, the boys and I visited the Waterhall gallery to view the Superduperspective paintings of Patrick Hughes. The pictures are painted on shaped canvases so that as you move...

Friday 20 October 2006

Taking the boys to Birmingham

Half term started yesterday for James & Connor. Today I took them to Birmingham. We went to Birmingham Museum to see the Egyptian exhibition. James is learning about the Ancient Egyptians at school and he wanted to see the mummy...

Thursday 19 October 2006

James Bowling

Yes, I am aware that these family videos and pictures are incredibly self-indulgent and probably boring the pants off you. But it's my website so I'll indulge what the funk I wish. Besides, its not like any funker is...

Sunday 15 October 2006


Sunday 1 October 2006

Give Away

2 weeks ago I put my entire life into a bag and gave it to a stranger. OK, not my entire life, but my business, my bank details, my photographs, my music.... It was all in my laptop, in my...

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