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Wednesday 2 July 2008

Building Burntwood.Org

As I try to build Burntwood.Org I'm offering free entries, which amounts to free advertising, to local businesses. It easy content from my point of view but it's also, hopefully, useful to my target audience. And it should be attractive...

Saturday 3 May 2008

Chasetown FC in the FA Cup (Catch up post)

Catching up on one of the posts that I would have made during the last 12 months, if I'd been blogging. Back in December last year, Chasetown FC made it through to the third round of the FA Cup, an...

Thursday 1 March 2007

New Chameli Menu

You'd be surprised just how often I use the menus that I post here and how useful it can be. Here's the new one for the Chameli Balti and Tandoori Restaurant. The food from here is superb and you get...

Tuesday 6 February 2007

Chasetown Little Turkish Delight - Menu

There's a new Turkish kebab shop opened up about 5 minutes (by car) from our house. Sharon stumbled across it the other day. I've not been but Sharon says the food looks excellent. Yesterday she brought home a "Marmaris Special"...

Thursday 25 May 2006

Chameil Balti, Burntwood - New Menu

Since I last posted it, the Chameli Restaurant has issued a new menu.... For new visitors, I post these here so that I always know where they are. I'm always losing the ones at home. Tonight we had Vegetable Samosa,...

Monday 6 February 2006

Burntwood.org - New Website

I really should hide my credit card when I drink. I woke up on Saturday morning to find myself the proud new owner of burntwood.org. The reasoning went something along the lines of: 1) Write lots of stuff about Burntwood...

Wednesday 11 January 2006

Walsall Swimming Baths

Walsall-Baths-Prog-Outside, originally uploaded by theaardvark. We occasionally take the boys swimming to the Public Baths in Walsall. The smaller pool is a brine pool and the water is kept much warmer. The boys love it. Here for easy access...

Sunday 6 November 2005

Chasetown Football Club Secure a First Round Replay

I watched the Chasetown v Oldham match on the BBC this afternoon.. It was a fantastic football match. Chasetown held Oldham to a 1-1 draw, a fantastic feat for the club 133 places and 6 divisions lower than its opposition....

Thursday 27 October 2005

Chasetown FC through to the FA Cup First Round

Chasetown FC, the biggest of several minor league clubs in Burntwood, reached the first round of the FA Club after a 1-0 win over Blyth Spartans in last night's replay of a 2-2 draw on Saturday. The Club, who play...

Monday 25 July 2005

Bye Bye Burntwood Blogger

After just a few months, the Burntwood Blog has disappeared. The anonymous author may have run out of people to insult and defame, may have got bored of his grumpy old man "young people have no respect" act or one...

Thursday 21 July 2005

Chameli Restaurant, Burntwood

Continuing the irregular series of scenned in menus from local restaurants so that I always know where they are, here is one from the nearest Indian Restaurant t our house. Food from the Chameli has always been excellent although on...

Friday 15 July 2005

Burntwood Wakes Tickets Special Offer

Burntwood Wakes Tickets have been reduced by 50% for anyone booking during the month of July. So that's just 10 (adults), 7 (kids) or 29 (family) to see Tony Christie, Killer Queen, Bootleg Abba and Carolynne Good. Bargain! Tickets can...

Friday 1 July 2005

Burntwood Wakes Selling Well

Update: Burntwood Wakes Tickets have been reduced by 50% for anyone booking during the month of July. According to IC Cannock.co.uk, tickets for the Burntwood Wakes are selling well. I am honestly chuffed. An event of this size will be...

Monday 20 June 2005

Chase Burntwood Wakes Festival

Update: For the month of July, tickets are available at 50% off! When the Church of St. Anne`s was opened in Chasetown in September 1865 a celebration known as the Wakes was held. This became an annual event held on...

Wednesday 25 May 2005

"Tiffany to leave area" Shocker

It's obviously a slow news week locally. This made not only the front page of our local daily but also page 5. Click for biggie courtesy of Flickr...

Saturday 14 May 2005

Burntwood Civic Pride

I was impressed today with a display of excellent civic and community conscience that I saw today. Local yobs/youths/chav-wannabes, The Burntwood Bad Boys, have adopted a local bus stop. I hope other local youths follow this example. The Max Power...

Wednesday 11 May 2005

Fusion (Burntwood) Ltd

The first of the Burntwood based companies I want to highlight is Fusion (Burntwood) Ltd. They're an engineering company that, in addition to general metal-bending stuff, manufacture a couple of specific products including the Extreme Racer. Why this particular company?...
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Monday 9 May 2005

Burntwood Blog

Burntwood, my home town, has its own blog! Who knew? Unfortunately it doesn't appear to have an RSS feed. It did however give the background to rumours about a bloke found in Hammerwich with his throat cut that have been...

Tuesday 3 May 2005

Superb Chinese, Burntwood

originally uploadedby theaardvark. We have an excellent Chinese Restaurant just 30 second up the road from our house. Unfortunately we are forever losing the menu or don't have one to hand when we're away from the house. Also, I've...

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