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Tuesday 6 May 2008

Caravan Grand Prix at Hednesford Raceway

On Monday we went to Hednesford Raceway, about 5 minutes up the road from us. There was action from National Hot Rods, Lighting Rods, Oval Track Legends (warning - the site is on a crappy hosting that limits its bandwidth....

Tuesday 14 March 2006

Cheap Petrol and Diesel

I've signed up for details on the cheapest places in the UK to purchase petrol or diesel from PetrolPrices.com. As it happens, the 2 garages I use regularly are the cheapest in the areas around work and home. However, I...

Monday 20 February 2006

Top Gear

Mental note: If I miss any Top Gear or Fifth Gear episodes, www.finalgear.com has them for download....

Tuesday 20 December 2005

Get out of the f**king way!

The M42 is currently a nightmare. The new speed cameras and Active Traffic Management System seem to ruffling a few feathers if the comments on this entry are anything to go by. It's made even worse by morons who don't...

Friday 25 November 2005

Motorcycle Helmets with a Rearview Mirror

Bikers will tell you, one of the worst aspects of riding a motorcycle (after the cold, slippery roads, terminally stupid car drivers and the fact that the national speed limit is approximately 1/3 of your bike's top speed) is the...

Tuesday 22 November 2005

It's not big and not clever (no, no)

Taking a BMW Z3 Coupe and a motorbike and chasing each other through built up areas and onto motorways (in the wrong direction at one point) at speeds reaching 300 kph is just plain irresponsible, dangerous and reckless. It's not...

Wednesday 2 November 2005

More on the M42 Traffic Management System and speed cameras

Yes. This has a very limited appeal in terms of my readers, but it's of huge importance to me as I spend 30 to 90 minutes every week day on this stretch of the M42. The BBC has news that...

Wednesday 28 September 2005

Speed Cameras on the M42

Anyone who has driven the stretch of the M42 from Junction 1 at the M5 to Junction 8 in the last 3 years will know that millions of pounds (£100 million to be precise) has been spent erecting gantries over...

Monday 19 September 2005

Cheap Petrol, Diesel and Plutonium

New Internet based venture, Petrol Direct is selling petrol, diesel and other automotive fuels at prices up to 40% lower than high street garages. How? By mail order, sourced from other EU countries. Sound too good to be true? Just...

Wednesday 14 September 2005

Dodge Tomahawk

As I've mentioned before, the Americans (to use a sweeping generalisation) seem to be incapable of building "proper" motorbikes, i.e. bikes that can build up a head of speed and still go round corners. The Harley Davidson? Compared to a...

Wednesday 7 September 2005

Kawasaki Ninja

I don't think I've mentioned that I bought a new motorbike a month ago. I bought a 3 year old Kawasaki ZX9R Ninja. It's been a busy month. I absolutely love this bike. It's quicker than I am, by quite...

Friday 5 August 2005

Lets drive Dodgems....

Steve N Allen has a novel idea for improving road saftey. "A study said speed cameras actually cause more accidents, and speed humps ruin your suspension, which increases stopping distance in a crash. Basically, it's making the roads more dangerous....

Tuesday 5 July 2005

Some speed cameras reduce road safety

Finally it seems to be sinking in to public bodies what drivers have known for a long time. Speed cameras located at sites where there have previously been no accidents (and therefore can only have been located there as a...

Wednesday 29 June 2005

Save the Earth - Drive a car.

OK. So we all know that Global Warming is here (well, not all of us). And we all know that selfish, polluting car drivers are a significant part of the problem. So we should all give up our cars and...

Wednesday 8 June 2005

Local Authority uses Speed Cameras to Raise Revenue

This clipping from a local paper shows the attitude of the Govt regarding speed cameras. Despite there being no more locations locally that meet their own criteria for speed camera placement they're still going to go ahead and buy /...

Tuesday 31 May 2005

Learned Behaviour

After about 18 months the 50 mph speed restriction on the M42 between Junction 5 and Junction 7 has finally been lifted, even though the roadworks finished about 6 months ago. On today's journey home a good 75% of the...

Friday 22 April 2005

How to beat a speeding ticket

The Blur Of Insanity has an excellent guide to Beating a Speeding Ticket. Obviously it's American but many of the principles will be the same in the UK and clearly it's not going to work for a ticket you get...

Thursday 14 April 2005

More f***ing speed cameras...

It's no secret that I hate bloody speed cameras but the new cameras on the M4 take the biscuit. They were switched on this week. These are blatantly revenue raising devices that do little if anything to improve road safety....

Sunday 13 February 2005

Three Wheeled Madness

RCA MA Vehicle Design degree project, "magnet concept", seeks to form a new niche´ in the field of lightweight leisure vehicles. The design concept focuses upon the sensation and emotion while riding a vehicle. In fact, "magnet" is not a...

Tuesday 7 September 2004

American Motorbikes

I was always told that there were two things the Americans could just never get the hang of; building cars that went round corners quickly and building motorbikes that went round corners quickly. "They don't have enough corners" my Dad...

Tuesday 20 July 2004

UK Govt. to introduce road charges

Today I'll be mostly winging about the possibility of the Government introducing Road Charging.

Friday 28 November 2003

Speed Cameras are for making money....

After my post on Wednesday I did a little more reading on Speed Cameras. Just today there's an article on Ananova about a survey showing that people believe speed cameras to be more about raising money than about safety. Over...

Wednesday 26 November 2003

Don't believe everything you read.

We're all a little bit wiser to email hoaxes these days aren't we? Nope, it appears not. I, along with thousands of others, received the following forward in my email box today. The new electronic signs on the M4 were...

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