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Tuesday 24 June 2008

R2D2 DVD Projector

The R2D2 DVD Projector has to be the ultimate, geekgasm inducing, nerd-wish fulfilment gadget ever made. The manufacturer's website has an excellent promotional video. What more could you ask for? A remote control R2D2; a projector that will project onto...

Monday 9 June 2008

I want to update!

I just got some Spam offering to "Update my P*n*s". I didn't realise mine was out of date. What do the new versions have that mine doesn't? GPS? Pre-set positions? A 32GB memory? It's a little worrying. Are women these...

Sunday 25 May 2008

Programming a Sky+ Remote

I've had to reprogramme my Sky+ Remote to work with my TV twice in the last few months. There's a large number of website with instructions on how to do it but I only found one that works. https://www.paceshop.com/download/skyplus_codes.pdf...

Thursday 22 May 2008

My drive home in time lapse

I was playing with time lapse video today using the Sequence Mode on the camera on the Nokia N95, which takes one picture at a pre-set frequency. You can then stitch them together using a program on your PC. This...

Monday 19 May 2008

I've just updated my UK Orange N95 to Firmware V21.0.016

Wow. For a moment there I thought I'd turned my N95 into an expensive paperweight. But luckily enough, after turning it off and on again, it re-awoke with the latest firmware version on it. So why is this so note...

Wednesday 31 January 2007

Woooosh Wooosh Woooosh

It was my birthday last month (actually this month because it's still technically January). I turned 35. Amongst the huge numbers of presents from family, friends, well-wishers and general suck-ups was a bewildering array of USB devices including a light,...

Friday 12 January 2007

Changing the text message notification tone on an 02 XDA Mini

Sharon has an 02 XDA Mini and we've been trying to change to notification sound that is played when she gets a text message. However, there's very little guidance on how to do it, and what guidance there is doesn't...
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Wednesday 12 July 2006

I want, doesn't get

I want: A Self-Stirring Mug A Pong Clock To find a builder that can re-do our bathroom and cloakroom for a sensible budget Donít Break The Bottle Puzzle A genuine graphic equalizer t-shirt Sharon to get better A "birdie" webcam...

Thursday 16 February 2006

The UNO Coffee Pod System

For Valentines Day I bought Sharon a coffee pod brewing system. Money's a bit tight at the moment so I have to admit I bought one of the cheaper ones on the market via Amazon.co.uk. I went for Russell Hobbs'...

Tuesday 24 January 2006

Problems with the Orange SPV M5000, ActiveSync and Zone Alarm

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday dear me-ee. etc. etc.. (please don't sing this to the original tune - I couldn't afford the royalties). So, after the flight disappointment I decided to cheer myself up by...

Wednesday 18 January 2006

Desiring the Orange SPV M5000

If Orange's insurance isn't going to pay out and I'm forced to cough up for a new phone, I see little point in shelling out £300 for another SPV M2000. I might as well pay the penalty for upgrading early...

When technology (companies) bites back

Technology is like a depressed nurse (believe me - I've lived with one); it's a life-saver when it's working but soul destroying when it breaks down. Thankfully, it doesn't threaten to call the police on you, scream and shout when...

Sunday 4 December 2005

Computer Controlled Office Armoury

Marks & Spencer, a retail chain in the UK, are not exactly known for their coolness or for being in tune with anyone below the age of 50. Their recognised demographic being the blue-rinse old ladies. This Christmas they may...

Thursday 17 November 2005

Random Gadget Collection

A collection of gadget links that I haven't been able place anywhere else... Tetris Shelf Infinity Reflection Table Record Playing Van Sonic Grenade Alarm Bodge Tape Plasters LED Watch Climbing Light Space Aged Articulated Lorries...

Friday 4 November 2005

A completely useless gift

The toothpick man has to be one of the most pointless items I've ever seen. But I'm still tempted to buy a whole pile of them and give them out as gifts at Christmas....

Thursday 1 September 2005

Can you boil an egg with 2 mobile phones?

My boss said to me to day "Is it true that you can boil an egg by placing it between 2 mobile phones whilst they are both making calls?" My immediate answer was "No. The transmission simply isn't powerful enough....

Wednesday 24 August 2005

I want a Funhaler!

-----Original Message----- From: Paul Taylor Sent: Friday, 29 July 2005 4:04 AM To: conta[at]infamed.com.au Subject: Funhaler Sirs, I am interested in purchasing a Funhaler in the UK. Do you have a UK distributor or an overseas distributor who will ship...

This would have helped...

Hosted by FlickrNow this might have helped avoid the overnight stay at Burton's Queens Hospital on Monday night. But it would probably also lead to Connor growing up without learning that you shouldn't drop things on your head. I do...

Monday 22 August 2005

Orange SPV M2000 Update

I've been living with the Orange SPV M2000 for a number of months now and I must say that I'm mightily impressed. I had the original Orange SPV 2 years ago and was disappointed with its usability. The small screen...

Friday 19 August 2005

The feel of dead rats....

FlickrI'm off out clubbing this weekend to see Barry Diston play at raveaid. And next weekend I'm going to Creamfields. If I'd seen it earlier I'd have bought a ZX Spectrum Hooded Top to wear to both. How totally nerdy/cool...

Thursday 9 June 2005

Mmmmm. Toasted Sandwiches

Mmmmm. Toasted Sandwiches. Baked bean & cheese, corned beef & onion, tinned chili, tinned haggis. All excellent toasted sandwich fillings but you can never get enough in the sandwich. I want one of these for making my toasted sandwiches now....

Sunday 1 May 2005

How to make a Bodge-Tape Wallet

For my birthday in January Sharon bought me a Bodge Tape (aka Gaffer Tape or Duct Tape) Wallet. This one is not nearly as good but if you're practised at origami with sticky paper then you'd probably be able to...

Tuesday 8 March 2005

Orange SPV M2000

So I bought an Orange SPV M2000. It's quite cool. Read more in the full entry.

Sunday 27 February 2005

Design Wants

Why is it that the world appears to have waited until immediately after Xmas and my birthday to come up with a shed load of stuff I'd like. This knife block gives you the opportunity stab someone to death at...

Friday 18 February 2005

MP3 Pocket Watch

I'm thinking of starting up a "I want one of these" category, although to be fair I already have a Gadgets archive and the two would be pretty much inter-changable. The latest object of much drooling is the Samsung Yepp...

Friday 11 February 2005

Whoops. Overslept

I overslept again this morning. Well, to be accurate, I over-snoozed this morning. I have 2 alarm clocks and I am able to "snooze" both of them for half an hour or so without ever fully regaining consciousness thereby not...

Thursday 27 January 2005

Well, blow me...

A couple of days ago I saw one of these self destruct buttons (via Gizmodo). Unfortunately, it's home page is in Japanese so I know very little about it. Now someone's created one that you can use as the on/off...

Wednesday 5 January 2005

PalmOne Treo 600 / 650 Quandary

I currently have a PalmOne (Handspring) Treo 600 and I love it. It's everything I wanted from a PDA / phone combination and, what's more, it's completely usable (unlike my old Orange SPV aka Canary). It has an excellent Diary...

Friday 9 July 2004

Turn your Treo 600 into a USB Flash Drive

I have a Handspring Treo 600. I have a defunct camera with several now unused SD Cards.I have also been trying to justify to myself the expense of a USB Flash Drive. TreoCentral has an article on software that will...

Wednesday 23 June 2004

Sleep tight

I have serious bed envy. That little beauty would take up almost 2 months of my wages. But still........

Tuesday 20 August 2002


I want one of these. The HP Jornada 928 is the latest and, from what I can see, the best in the emerging market for combined PDA/phone gadgets. Currently only available through Vodafone, I'm kinda hoping that Orange pick it...

Tuesday 9 July 2002

Want one of those!

Exactly as Hootress says everone should have one of these....

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