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Friday 11 July 2008

Review of Bonekickers

Bonekickers Dear BBC, WTF! Yours sincerely, Astonished of Burntwood. Seriously, the BBC has produced worse stuff than this (Elderado, anyone?) but not for a long time, at least not on primetime. The script was so weak that the massive holes...

Review of Rustler's Zingy Chicken Burger

Rustler's Zingy Chicken Burger The natural law of the universe requires me to hate this culinary abomination. Some kind of reformed chicken meat burger, chock full of E-numbers that you cook in a microwave on a bun that doesn't go...

Monday 9 June 2008

Review of The Diablo Toasted Sandwich Maker

The Diablo Toasted Sandwich Maker Imagine a Breville Toasted Sandwich Maker that wasn't tacky, was easy to clean, made sandwiches with enough filing to actually taste and was fun to use. There you have the Diablo Toasted Sanwich Maker. It...

Sunday 8 June 2008

Review of Iron Man

Iron Man Iron Man is how comic book adaptions should be. Variously fantastic and gritty in equaly measure. Comic and tragic at times with some superb performances. Both my son and I left the cinema wanting to go build ourselves...

Saturday 31 May 2008

Review of Scary Movie 3

Scary Movie 3 If you like the Scary Movie / American Pie / Airplane type of no-brainer comedy with gratuitous nudity, swearing and violence then this will be right up your street. If you have mental age of over 16...

Wednesday 28 May 2008


You may have noticed that the last 2 entries are reviews of products and services that I have posted via a new website LouderVoice. I think this is an excellent idea, well implemented. There are many subject specific review websites...

Review of Hoover The One Pet

Hoover The One Pet This hoover, whilst appearing extremely effective at first use, is prone to breaking down with depressing regularity. The only reason we still own this item is that it broke down so soon after we bought it...

Review of Twibble Mobile 0.7.0

Twibble Mobile 0.7.0 Twibble Mobile is a full featured Twitter client for phones with the Symbian operating system. It allows for dowloading of Tweets via Lan or mobile internet and uploading by the same or, for those on free SMS,...

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