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Friday 21 April 2006

Mobile Disco Companies Targeted by Email Scam

If you run a mobile disco company in the UK, please see this article on www.uk-disco.co.uk/. My mobile disco company has been targeted by this email scan several times. The first time I actually responded to the email before it...

Friday 27 January 2006

Stop ECG (partially) mirrored

Stop ECG is back up again. But it is still subject to legal challenges from some of the companies it features. The site has recently been featured once more in the Mirror who even went as far as naming and...

Monday 23 January 2006

Stop the European City Guide and Novachannel

Some time ago I blogged about the European City Guide and its attempts to extort money from my employer. That entry has become one of the most commented on entries, an indication of the number of people they have tried...

Wednesday 13 October 2004

118web possible scam

Work has received a spam email from a company calling itself 118web. I'm not sure but this has all the hallmarks of a premium rate phone number scam. The email offers to list you on the 188web web directory for...

Thursday 5 August 2004

European City Guide

I have recently come across a scam that appears to have been going for years and caught out thousands of people across the UK. European City Guide (http://www.eurocityguide.com/ - I refuse to link them) send out to businesses what appears...

Friday 11 June 2004

Woo! Yay! Erm. Not!

FROM:UNIVERSAL LOTTO INTERNATIONAL INTERNATIONAL PROMOTION/PRIZE AWARD DEPT. REF: MLI/231-ILGI0431/03 BATCH: IPD/15/096/PTNL RE: WINNING FINAL NOTIFICATION Sir/Madam We are pleased to inform you of the result of the Lottery Winners International programs held on the 11th of June, 2004Your e-mail address...

Wednesday 14 April 2004

I'm as f***ing idiot

In the previous entry, I reproduced a piece of code used by a Trojan email / website to download programs onto PCs. I put the code in as text to show what the Trojan does. I completely ignored the possibility...

Purchase confirmation phishing

This morning at work we received a message in our email supposedly confirming our purchase of a domain name and hosting for a total of $79.85. This email is a scam designed to infect PCs with a Trojan program (which...

Tuesday 16 March 2004

EU Registry Services Domain Renewal Scam

This morning at work we received a letter from a Cambridge company called EU Registry Services. It warned us that our domain name registration was about to expire if we didn't renew and inviting us to renew for a fee...

Friday 5 March 2004

Certified Cashier Cheque (Check) Scam

This morning I received a really weird email on my work account: HELLO, I am an auto dealer based in TAIWAN ,i am interested in buying your(RSTA)I will like to know if you would accept a certified cashier check for...

Wednesday 4 February 2004

A Genuine Scam Warning?

If you come here regularly, you'll know I hate email hoaxes. Those warnings of viruses or scams that circulate like wild fire spreading paranoia and sucking up bandwidth. I receive them relatively regularly and when I do I try to...

Wednesday 21 January 2004

New scam

I've just heard about another interesting new scam. I've not received it myself, but I was sent a copy of the following email. Dear Secetarial Staff We have been trying to print your promotional literature from the pages on your...

Wednesday 26 November 2003

Don't believe everything you read.

We're all a little bit wiser to email hoaxes these days aren't we? Nope, it appears not. I, along with thousands of others, received the following forward in my email box today. The new electronic signs on the M4 were...

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